Texas Driver Education

Teens in Texas under the age of 18 have several options for taking driver education to receive their Texas learners permit and provisional drivers license. The most effective and cost affordable choice is to consider a Texas Driver Education course for Teens.


The State of Texas offers parents the path of instructing their student through a structured course that offers 32 hours of interactive online training that is consistent in the classroom training of a traditional Texas driving school. Online courses include 44 hours of behind-the-wheel driver training. Parent Taught teen driving course (PTDE) is very structured with a strong focus on safety and learning correct driving procedures.

The teen driver education course is a self-paced online course. This is one of the up sides of this type of drivers education course. Parents and teens have active lifestyles. Most Texas driving schools have strict schedules and when parents work full time, it can be difficult to take off from work early to take their teen to driving school.

Some teens complete the Texas driver education course in six to twelve months, due to their active schedules. Others who are more aggressive and determined, complete the program in twelve to twenty-four weeks. With a modest schedule and determination, it’s very realistic to complete the Parent Taught course in around 12 weeks.

Texas Driver Education for Adults

Adult drivers between the ages of 18 and 24 who did not complete a formal course as a teen, are required by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TLDR) to complete an approved Texas driver education course for Adults.


Texas adult driver education is a six hour online course that can be completed in short modules, or all on the same day.  Once a student completes the six hour course, they will receive a state course certificate (ADE 1317) that must be presented to their local DPS office as proof of complete an approved adult course.

The six hour adult drivers ed course includes the DPS written test online.  Most students pass this final test on the first try, but students have up to three attempts to pass the DPS written exam.

After receiving their certificate and presenting it to the local DPS office, students can apply for their Texas learners permit.  This allows the student to practice driving with a licensed adult in the passenger seat until they are ready to take the road test.

Students also have the option of scheduling their DPS road test in lieu of receiving a learners permit, if they are already an experienced driver.  Taking your Texas adult driver education training online is the fastest way to get your Texas learners permit or drivers license.